★Clarification on the Provisional Acceptance Letter for International Student★

20-1-1 下午4:00 作者:School of International Education, UESTC 【

Dear prospective international students:

Please click here to download the Provisional Acceptance Letter for International Student! 

Please click here for more information of the available majors and professors for International Students....

Please click here to check the details on Online application Procedures....

Attention: The webpage "https://www.cscscholarship.org/" is not the official CSC webpage ! The information mentioned in this webpage "Chinese Universities without the Application Fee" is not correct!

For the correct information, please turn to the Official English Website of UESTC: https://en.uestc.edu.cn/ . And the official CSC Webpage is: http://www.campuschina.org/ .  

School of International Education

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

January 1st, 2020